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Coucher de soleil - Pantelleria


In the heart of Puglia
Escape to Andalusia
Stopover in Greece
Break in Pantelleria
Trip to Sicily

Brightness, contrast
The beauty and freshness of the gardens
The game of water and shade
A walk in the old streets after dark
White villages at sunset
The sea of silver highlights and deep blue
Purity of heaven, close to the divine

A perfume for the soul and the senses ...

We wanted to print our inspirations

Canvas print
German standards DIM 4102 (fireproof)
375 micron gr / M2
90 cm X 120cm
Price: 255 €
Supplied on frame 4 cm

Photo paper matte 250 g
90 cm X 120cm
Price: 120 €
Delivered in roll

HD printing on acrylic glass
90 cm X 120cm
Price: 390 €
Supplied with 2 hooks

Nous contacter

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Travel in Puglia, soul of Italy, The Mediterranean, Olive trees bathed in light of Azure and Gold, Give generously from bountiful soils. In the service of art and flavours… The joy of the Italians...

In the heart of the inspiration…

Changes their skies to…

Original Interior Wallcovering