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Before: a creator, a designer, an illustrator, working for fashion, 
magazines, cinema, advertising, brands...
Last year, I decided to change my life.

My first collections : wallpapers, furniture and bags, 
my travel partners


I moved in a loft in Milan with my daughters, 
Josephine, fashion designer and Valentine who works in marketing, my 2 partners.
I love the energetic nature of Milan, its urban madness and its refinement.

Italy, Sicily, Venice, Andalusia...

I've always felt a need for going abroad. I 've travelled a lot...
A sronger sensation of belonging to the word


Late at night or early in the morning are two sacred moments to enjoy silence,
 when I' m the only one awake in the house.
Breakfast time, I have a cup of tea and then immerse in all the pics 
I brought back from my journeys.

Everything starts with a picture, a light, a colour, a feeling.
I look for details, think over and take note in my head of what I wish to illustrate.
Original creations and search for the most beautiful papers. 
Thus, I dress the walls with those lights which stayed a long time inside of me...
The poetry of a matter, a sensation that will no longer be ephemeral 
but really there in my living-room, bedroom, corridor, kitchen...

My third day starts lightly in the evening. 
A nice terrace by a summer night, a chat with friends, something easy and simple...
A life style full of emotions?

Is how ELISABETH LEROY Collections is created

Travel in Puglia, soul of Italy, The Mediterranean, Olive trees bathed in light of Azure and Gold, Give generously from bountiful soils. In the service of art and flavours… The joy of the Italians...

In the heart of the inspiration…

Changes their skies to…

Original Interior Wallcovering